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Rustic Dinning Table


Welcome to Central Point Church, where we believe in the transformative power of discipleship through our Tables. In a world where the modern church is seeking a clearer path to becoming more like Jesus, we offer a safe and welcoming community where you can embark on a journey of spiritual formation and growth.

Beautiful Wodden House

All About Tables

At Central Point Church, we understand the longing to be closer to Jesus and to emulate His ways. Through Tables, we provide a structured pathway for our church members and those seeking to join our community to learn how to walk with Jesus, embody His teachings, and live out His love in the world.


Our aim is to help you integrate the timeless practices and rhythms of Jesus and His earliest followers into your daily life, creating sacred space for the Holy Spirit to shape you into a person of depth and love. Within our community of tables and guided resources provided by "Practicing The Way, you will find:


- A sanctuary of rest in a world of busyness and exhaustion, through the practice of sabbath.

- A connection with God in a world of distractions and chaos, through the practice of prayer.

- A pursuit of holiness in a world of temptations and moral decay, through the practice of fasting.

- A haven of peace and solitude in a world of anxiety and noise, through the practice of solitude.

- A culture of contentment in a world of materialism and excess, through the practice of generosity.

- A commitment to orthodox beliefs in a world of shifting values, through the practice of Scripture.

- A community of genuine love and depth in a world of superficiality, through the practice of community.

- A dedication to justice, mercy, and reconciliation in a world of division, through the practice of service.

- An embrace of hospitality in a world of hostility, through the practice of witness.


Join us at Central Point Church as we journey together towards a life filled with purpose, meaning, and connection with God and one another. Let us walk alongside you as you discover the beauty of living out the teachings of Jesus in a community that values authenticity, growth, and love. 

Image by Jeff Ma


Join us at Central Point Church and embark on a journey to create new habits and rhythms that will enrich your life and deepen your walk with God. By attending our tables, you will gain access to a powerful tool that can transform your spiritual journey.


Discover the joy of building a personalized set of rhythms centered around Jesus. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to go deeper in your discipleship, the Rule of Life Builder is here to guide you. Craft a set of habits and rhythms patterned after Jesus - your very own Rule of Life.


With this tool, you can easily drag-and-drop spiritual disciplines, relational rhythms, and customized habits to create a personal plan of daily, weekly, and monthly practices tailored to your unique needs and stage of life. Let us support and encourage you on this journey of growth and transformation. Join us and experience the power of intentional living with a community that cares about your spiritual well-being.

Image by Clay Banks
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