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Adoration is ministering to God’s heart through worship.

Image by Hannah Rodrigo


Connecting with God through adoration is ministering to God’s heart through worship. Worshiping through melodies and songs ushers you deeper into the Lord’s presence. When we lavish love, awe, and affection upon Jesus, we are telling Him, “You are God and You alone are worthy of my worship.” Every thought, every lie, every spirit must go when we are in His presence! Our only focus is to love the Lord and give Him all of the honor, praise, and glory He is due. When you worship, your songs, words, and melodies are aligning with heaven. You are joining in with the chorus of angels in awe of the holiness of God. No one can compare to our God. There is none other worthy of our praise.

Audra’s Story

Watch this video to learn about how Audra connects with God through Adoration!


Sing the Bible

It doesn’t matter what you sound like! Singing scripture can help you better understand what God is speaking through His word. You can repeat verses exactly, rephrase them in your own words, or use them as a reference.

Sing in The Holy Spirit 

Your heavenly language can be used for more than just prayer, it can be used to worship! "I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray with my mind also; I will sing praise with my spirit, but I will sing with my mind also". 1 Corinthians 14:15

Play an instrument

Play melodies on your chosen instrument, giving the Holy Spirit space to be your author and composer.

Put on music 

Put on instrumental music or worship pads during your daily encounters.


Lavish Love 

Take special time in your daily encounters to lavish love and affection on the Lord. There’s power and beauty in spending time with God for no other purpose than communing with Him and resting in His presence.

Sing directly to God

Sing to God, don’t just sing about Him. Sing directly to Him.

Picture Jesus 

As you worship, picture Jesus right in front of you. What is He doing? How is He moving? What facial expression is He making? What’s on His mind?

Sit in silence 

Take time to pause the music and sit in silence. He loves when we worship Him, but He also wants to talk back to you!

Worship in Spirit and Truth 

Think of each melody as a key to unlocking a new understanding of the Lord and His truth. When we worship in Spirit and Truth, there are endless ways to unlocking the Father’s heart and deeper revelations.

Grow in how you connect with God

Learning how we connect with God shows us how we can enter into His presence daily. While you may have a best way to connect with Him, you can connect with God in all the ways. Use this guide below to help you grow in connecting with God through Adoration by pairing it with your favorite way.

  • Adoration + Fasting

    While you are connecting with God through fasting, spend intentional time adoring God through worship. He rewards those who seek Him! While you are withholding from worldly satisfaction, lavishly supply God with worship and adoration. Posture your heart to receive from the Lord as you engage in your fast. God wants to give you an abundance as you deny your flesh!

    Hebrews 11:6 says, “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”

  • Adoration + Meditation 

    When you are reading the Bible, take time to sing and place melodies behind what you are reading. It doesn’t have to be for anyone because it is between you and the Lord. Turn on instrumental music and allow Holy Spirit to fill the space. Let Him give you the words to say and the melodies to release. He is the author of your faith, so let Him author your thoughts and meditate on who He is!

  • Adoration + Creation

    Sing songs about the wonders of creation to our Creator. When having your daily encounters outside, take time to meditate on the awe of God’s creation. Your awe will minister to His heart! Listen to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the sounds of the creatures around you, the sounds of rushing water — how are they singing to the Lord? Join in with their chorus and worship Him!

  • Adoration + Movement

    Take time throughout your day to minister to God’s heart through your movement. In the midst of moving from place to place, keep your heart bent towards Him. Sing in the Spirit, sing a spontanteous song, or express to Him how you love Him. Ponder on the attributes of God that you love when you are moving.

  • Adoration + Expression

    As you connect with God through adoration, create a new song, a new painting, or a new writing for Him. Write a letter expressing your thankfulness and adoration to God. Turn on instrumental worship music and create your art based on the thoughts that flood your mind. In the midst of those melodies, let the Holy Spirit guide your hand. He is the Ultimate Creator — so let Him author a creation through you!

  • Adoration + Conversation

    Sing in the Holy Spirit. When you are singing in the Spirit, ask God what questions you should ask Him. Ask God in your daily encounters, “Father, what can I do today to please you?” When you hear Him, respond and ask Him to teach you. Leave space for the Lord to speak back to you in worship. He desires to speak to you as you engage in adoration!

  • Adoration + Solitude

    When you are alone with God, you can come to Him in full vulnerability and authenticity. In solitude, worship God from a completely exposed state. Sing to Him! It doesn’t matter what you sound like because it is just between you and the Lord. Your authentic worship moves His heart. Take time to let melodies and songs usher you into deeper intimacy with God. Write down what He says to you in those moments. That is His love song to you!

  • Adoration + Learning

    As you connect with God through learning, take extended time to connect with God through adoration. Study the Levites. Worship will bring new perspective on the revelation God is showing you through His Word! Engage your mind as you sing to the Lord. What scriptures come to mind as you sing certain lyrics? What biblical stories are the songwriters pointing you back to? Remember, we worship in spirit and truth. It is not real worship to God if it isn’t done with His truth!

  • Adoration + Reformation

    Connect with God through adoration by worshiping God as the Perfect Judge. He is the author of heavenly justice. Ask God to reveal a new facet of His righteous character to you. Before interceding, spend time worshiping God for who He is. He is holy and righteous. Sing this to Him! Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and praise. This is how your requests are made known.

  • Adoration + Compassion

    Adoration is a lifestyle. When you are serving the least of these, keep worship unto the Lord in your heart. Before you can minister to others and to God, you need to first receive from Him. We love because he first loved us! What is His love song to you? Ask Him. Take time to receive love from the Father, so you can pour that love back out to God by serving others.

  • Adoration + Remembrance 

    Take time to look back on all that God has done in your life as you worship. Let these memories put meaning behind the words you sing. When you sing of His worthiness, think back on how He has shown Himself worthy. When you sing of His goodness, think back on how He has been good to you. When you sing about freedom, think back on how He has set you and others around you free! Let cadence and melodies usher you into remembrance. As you worship, your thoughts will testify to the faithfulness of God!

Image by Clay Banks
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