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  • Expression 

We are excited, fervent, zealous, and passionate about the word, our worship, our world, and our witness. 

  • Empowerment 

We believe that people don’t have to fight for a part when they were born to be apart. 

  • Resonate 

We want to leave a godly impression, life transformation, and a lasting invitation. 

  • Generations 

We believe every generation is a gift, an answer, and a blessing. Therefore we train our kids, equip the young, and honor the wisdom of those who have gone before us.

  • Generosity

We believe that generosity produces generosity, therefore we are generous with our treasures, time, and hearts. We don't have to give, we get to give



Reaching Those far From God

Reaching the harvest is not an option; it’s our expression of gratitude. Therefore we intentionally pursue, purposefully send, and strategically gather.

Creative Outreach

We break barriers and live outside the box so others can find a home.

Solution Focused  

We see problems as opportunities and take opportunities to solve problems. 



We Believe For Big & Begin Small

  We pray big, remain faithful, and pursue purpose.

Integrity & Excellence 

  We strive to steward well, perform to measure accurately, and govern through honesty. 

Celebrating Our Flavor 

  The quickest way to kill identity is to compare it to others. Therefore we celebrate our diversity, laugh at our quirks, and embrace our uniqueness.


  We choose to speak life, encourage, and build up The Church because when the Church is strong, everyone is strengthened. 


 Systems and policies are not to rule people; systems and policies are to serve people.

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