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Our City, Located in southwest Georgia, Thomas County community is known as one of the best souther charm communities to visit and raise a family. Our Center, situated less than 0.5 mile from historic and attractive "Downtown Thomasville" just a 2 minute drive away. There  you'll find visitors from Tallahassee and North Florida, as well as all over Georgia,  great shops, and fantastic restaurants.


We believe that Thomasville, Georgia  has been chosen by God to be a source of life locally, nationally, and globally. 


We believe Thomasville is an oasis for healing and restoration.

We believe Thomasville is a launching pad for God's messengers nationally and globally to be sent out.


We believe Thomasville will be a platform for God to release prophetic declarations and promises to our nation.

We believe Thomasville will be a safe haven for the young to come and be equipped for the work of God.

We believe Thomasville will be a part of a greater reach to south Georgia and North Florida. 

We believe Thomasville has a spiritual river that will impact cities and communities near and far.

Image by Clay Banks
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