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To see Jesus as the central point of hope, life, and transformation, for us, in us, and through us.

Sunday Gathering

Corporate Gathering

Doors Open At  9:45 AM 

Worship Starts  At  10:00 AM 

Step into our "Corporate Gathering" Immerse yourself in Gods presence during our live worship and allow your families if you have children or teenagers to engage in ministries tailored with dedicated spaces crafted just for them. Together, we delve deep into the Word, fostering corporate growth and spiritual enrichment. Connect over meaningful conversations at our cafe during connect time, where relationships can flourish and hearts are knit together in unity. Discover inspiring work of God within our community and how you can live your faith with us during our central news. This isn't just a Sunday—it's a divine invitation to experience the fullness of God's power and presence in a safe, loving, welcoming environment.

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Gather your family and join us for a soul-stirring experience at our "Family Gathering" on the 4th Sunday of each month. This is a sacred time where families come together to worship, share stories of faith, immerse themselves in scripture, lift each other up in prayer, and partake in communion as a united front. It's a moment to create lasting memories and deepen your family's spiritual connection. This is more than just a Sunday service to attend—it's an invitation for parents and our body to lead our families in a journey of faith, unity, and love for God and each other.


We believe there is beauty found only in times of rest and refreshment. Not only do we encourage people to find healthy and sustainable rhythms in life, we try and empower that every 5th Sunday of the month by not having a corporate gathering. This gives our Tribes, members, and families time to plan a nice getaway, or sleeping in and delighting in Gods goodness. We will continue our usually corporate gatherings the following week.




When the glory is in the room, nothing else is needed. 




The presence of God is the evidence of His nearness, therefore we not only rest in His presence, but we are led, directed, and mandated by it. 




Prayer is not an option or inconvenience, it's the fruit of Gods house, therefore it is our honor to pray. 




We believe in the power of alter calls. We invite and honor moments compelled by the beckoning of God's Spirit for others to respond in faith to repentance, salvation, healing, and for encouragement. These altars are Holy, filled with God's presence, and there are anointed vessels ready to pray for you.




We don't believe people are looking for a friendly church, we believe people are looking for friends, not a family oriented service, but a family to belong to with purpose. This is why we are intentional about connection time, delighting in refreshments and conversations with others at are gatherings. 




We do not strive to be the greatest church planters, but rather the greatest wedding planners. We understand that a good wedding planner is one that knows both the needs and desires of the bride and the groom. It is our desire to allow time for the bride and the groom to fellowship, time for moments of conversation and encounter. We gather with open hearts for these divine times between God and His bride.

Image by Clay Banks
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