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Central Point Youth 

All Teens Welcome


Our goal in Central Point Youth is to create lasting friendships, impactful encounters with Jesus, and being there for any challenges or questions of faith. We desire our teens to be able to overcome the pressures of peers but also have a strong biblical knowledge to carry our teens into adulthood with confidence and faith in Christ for transformation in their lives as well as bing a light to others. 


How We Lead: Five P's


  • **PERSONAL |** We are dedicated to partnering with you in guiding your teen into a personal relationship with God. Through encouraging daily encounters with God, worship, learning the Bible in applicable and relevant ways, we aim to nurture a deep and meaningful connection between your teen and their faith. 


  • **PRESENCE |** The presence of God is not just a feeling; it is the tangible evidence of His nearness. We are committed to helping your teen recognize and dwell in God's presence, fostering a lifestyle of seeking His nearness. Through special Presence Encounters, moments of reflection, journaling, and quiet times, we guide your child in knowing, valuing, and embracing God's presence in their life. 

  • **PRAYER |** We encourage teens to cultivate a prayer life, both individually and with their families. By encouraging them to write in their journals specific areas each week that they can pray for, and times where they can intercede for one another. Our desire is to help them develop a strong foundation of communication with God. 


  • **POWER |** We believe in empowering our teens with the Holy Spirit, equipping them to walk boldly and courageously in their daily lives. Through sharing testimonies, inviting friends to join, and engaging in special initiatives like our joining Tribes, and tithes and offerings, we encourage teens to experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. 


  • **PEERS |** At Central Point Church, we foster an environment where teens learn to cultivate healthy and godly relationships with their peers. By celebrating diversity, promoting unity, and empowering individuality, we create spaces where teens can share their stories, traditions, and values in a safe and inclusive setting. Our aim is to instill values that honor differences, promote harmony, and empower each teen to embrace their unique identity.

CPY Parent Release Form

Image by Clay Banks
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